Client Testimonials

"When I started doing Pilates five years ago I had a lower back injury. It didn't take long for my back to improve under Nikki's careful teaching and supervision. She is very dedicated and thorough in her teaching and I have not since met a Pilates instructor who plans her lessons as carefully as she does. She also challenges as appropriate, making you do more than you thought possible yourself. Through the years I have become a dedicated Pilates student and could not imagine life without this type of exercise. It brings me peace and calmness during times of stress and my back has improved hugely thanks to Pilates. I thoroughly recommend Nikki as a Pilates instructor, she is excellent. You won't look back!"

Britt Pedersen

MEd Autism

The co-ordination of mind, body and spirit is a very long journey and Nikki is the perfect guide for it. She will listen to you, challenge you, celebrate you when you step forward, and motivate you when it's just too tough. Her teaching technique is very precise and tailored to your needs and goals. Pilates with Nikki is my weekly treat and every session leaves me feeling centred, calm and strong.

Cam Gatta


I have some specific health issues, including joint problems, and it has been amazing to have the opportunity to really focus in detail on exactly what I need to do to address them. After a few months working with Nikki I felt stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever felt in my life. I then got pregnant, and I strongly feel that my sessions with Nikki during pregnancy - which she adapted continually to suit my changing needs - played a huge part in helping me feel fit and well throughout. I am also confident that having maintained my strength, fitness and general wellbeing in this way contributed to an extremely smooth recovery after my caesarean. I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and supportive.

Rebecca Benning

I confess I was a bit dubious about Pilates (something new at 68?!) but a cricket friend persuaded me that it had fixed his recurrent back problem, so I gave it a go with Nikki. She gave me a few very thorough one-to-one sessions so she really understood what my body could cope with before integrating me in a class of just five. Before long, my greatest problem - neck and shoulder pain that was particularly noticeable at night - gradually lessened and then disappeared entirely. Since then I've been a regular attendee, and am looking forward to getting back to it soon after heart surgery (to give her a new set of issues to deal with!)

Peter Cox


I have attended many Pilates classes over the years, in various gyms and spas, but I have not come across any instructor better than Nikki. Her teaching method is not only extremely effective but I have been able to achieve and surpass my fitness goals with her help. She is very focused and sets out my personal session so that I am progressing each time, building strength and stamina whilst also sculpting my figure. When I have encountered health issues Nikki has worked around these and we have persevered to ensure a full recovery, enabling me to continue with my progress. After a hard session I particularly enjoy the relaxation cool down. Nikki pays great attention to detail and the studio is very pleasant and spotlessly clean. I thoroughly enjoy working with Nikki and wish I had the time to attend more classes.

P. Bird

Executive Assistant
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